Soundtrack to Biding Time (Remix)

by A Band Called Quinn

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Soundtrack album from the multimedia stage production Biding Time (remix).


released July 4, 2013

All songs by Louise Quinn
Except: 5 and 10 - Lyrics by Vic Keegan
14 - Written by Bozcek

Vocals/Guitar: Louise Quinn
Synth/Drums: Bal Cooke
Trumpet/Keys: Robert Henderson
Bass: Steven Westwater

Produced and mixed by Bal Cooke and Louise Quinn
Mastered by Kenny Macleod

Made with support from Creative Scotland



all rights reserved


A Band Called Quinn Glasgow

A band from Glasgow, Scotland mixing up music, film & performance like space socks at a psychedelic laundrette...

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Track Name: You Know The Right People
You Know The Right People

Take me down
I don’t know where I’m going
Beat the crowd
I like what you’re showing me
I could fly away
I could fly away

You know the right people
You got the right friends
A look in your eye says I’ll get there in the end
Build me higher than a steeple
I’ll go in for the chase
You know the right people
Say I got the right face

I’ll take it now
Won’t lose a moment
Hear the sound
Of destiny calling me
I could fly away
I could fly away

And now we go out on a wave tonight
Despite the hype
Track Name: Drive With Your Eyes Closed
Drive With Your Eyes Closed

How will you crash your car?
How will your train derail?
Watch you fly then fail
We like to watch it all
Check out your final scene
In a magazine

Drive with your eyes closed
Drive with your eyes closed
Look out for those wolves in lambs’ clothes

Please tell us how you feel
As your bones crash in to the steering wheel
In mirrors catch yourself
Whisper your last regret as they start to melt

It’s getting close to the end
Thought that you were my friend
I guess it’s all pretend
Track Name: Snowing In Paris
Snowing in Paris

We’re all fighting in the dark
But I don’t care now
I’m cast in stone with broken arms
You could climb upon this raft
Drift until we starve
I don’t care if we don’t see land

Cause it’s snowing in Paris
It’s snowing in Paris
And there’s someone in Kansas
Sayin’ it’s snowing in Paris

We who struggle to survive
Live to curse the sky
The cost is clearly so much life
Tied to the mast of our despair
Still we try to care
You’ve trodden over so much now
Track Name: Car Outside Love
Car Outside Love

Holding out for better things
Giddy heights we’re sleepwalking
Never know just where I stand
Better leave or settle down
There’s a car outside love
There’s a car outside love

I’ve got to get away
Dream I fall it never ends
Maybe we should get out now
Killing ourselves to an empty house

You’re my only friend
We’ll make it in the end
I feel like breaking out
We’ll make it anyhow
If we give up now we’ll be just like the rest who’re dead but talking

Don’t tell me what I know
Track Name: Tell Me
Tell Me

Tell me when, tell me where, tell me how
Tell me till, tell me if, tell me off, tell me true
Tell me that, tell me why
But never tell me to

And time goes faster
As you grow older
Don’t let anyone say otherwise
It’s not a theory it’s a fact
Needing no persuasion
Or Einsteinian equation

As life’s dimmer switch
Unstoppable bitch
Charts the reckoning
Of oblivion beckoning
So seize the vanishing day
In case it evaporates
Before your withering eye
Track Name: The World Belongs To You
The World Belongs To You
The world belongs to you
It's not enough for you
But what gets won?
With a hammer and a gun?
You can run baby run
Now they want you
I'll begin

And I don't know what they'll want from me
They might get me a break in film & TV
I want what I want & I see what I see
And I'd burn down my bridges just to keep on feeling
This reflection
This projection
But what gets won?
With a hammer and a gun
You can run baby run
Now they want you
I'll begin
Track Name: Forget About It
Forget About It

Lady Luck has lost her has her sheen
Your lover’s gone nowhere to be seen
The only way to get ahead
Is givin’ it to someone else

And I know now why you’re so mean
You know you work so hard but you’ll never be…

Got to forget about it
Got to forget about it
Got, got, got to forget about it

Always busy looking around
Putting everybody else down
You tried to put the hex on me
Baby it was never gonna be

Shana na na na na oohh
Track Name: From The Gutter
From The Gutter

And if the planets shift
Caught up in the seasons
You’re just doing time

They’d kill us with their lawns
They’d kill us with their reasons
And small town designs
We’re going nowhere

We’re going nowhere fast
We’ve got to make it
We’ve got to make it

We live
We love
See stars above from the gutter
We’ll never die
You & I

Another year has past
Another promise broken
How long can you last?
And in another life
You’re up there with the chosen
And out of their grasp
Track Name: Loathesome Road
Loathsome Road

I’m on a loathsome road
Where the people are cold
Like a fox or crow
On the loathsome road

Johnny got fried
Thought he was a GI
Jenny got laid
Now she can’t stand the night
On the loathsome road

And they’ve been here before
Yeah they’ve been here before
Grab another drink
And leave your heart at the door
On the loathsome road
Track Name: Bel Air
Bel Air

Beautiful, beautiful air
Tell me you’ll always be there
And nothing’s more taken for granted
But only on this earth was planted

You only you found this earth
And nowhere else
Without you we’d only exist
For one single deep breath
Two minutes at most and then death

Don’t move on not yet
Don’t be blown away
Even for a day

Just stay here silent and serene
Our personal life support machine

We’ll never take you for granted as in the past
Knowing every breath could be our last
Your move
Track Name: Judas

I would wash your feet with my tears
Wipe them dry with my hair on my knees
Now I know that you ain’t Jesus
All I wanted was somebody to free us

Put your hand put your hand in my side
I got nothing left to hide
Hanging round little Judas & Peters
Least I know I lie when I lie

Oh cast the first stone
Cast the first stone

You don’t know me at all
They got me blindfolded with my back against the wall
It’s pitiful it’s pitiful I know
But I’d come if you’d call
Yeah I come if you call

There’s something sick inside of me
That keeps me coming back to you
And you know that I can’t help myself
And you know that I can’t choose

Release release I wish I could
Spend some time with you
Will I read it in the stars above
Will I read it in the news
That they’re gonnna oh…
Track Name: Thought I Had Something To Say
Thought I Had Something To Say

Just walk away

Thought I had something to say
You’re leaving anyway

I’m frightened with myself
I’m fighting with myself
Why don’t they stay

And I want…

Just break the mirror
There’s nobody in there
Just break the mirror
There’s nobody in there

There is no love in this world anymore
Track Name: Gone

There’s a clock struck in the hall
Telling me I’ve got to go
There’s a clotheshorse by the fire
And an angel made of wire

Oh you don’t have to put them on
Or tell the world your secrets
I’m leaving yeah

I’m gone
So gone
The ladders & the snakes & the knaves say
You almost won
Say you almost won
Oh yeah but I keep my soul

There’s an old ghost in the tower
And they’re calling happy hour
All the knights have gone astray
Learn to love the rags you wear
Track Name: Goddess
I’m rockin’ it
I’m havin’ it large
I’m takin’ it
Give it to me hard

All the games that people play
I can take it or give it a beating
I don’t care what the people say
It just turns me on

How can you say what I do is wrong?
Your in the distance I’m bigger than God

I got it
They want it
A Goddess Goddess
Keep kissin’ my ass

Give it to me big
Give it to me hard
I like it like it
When you hurt me so bad